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Varimil® Ampoules is a food supplement in ampoules composed of several plants of traditional use known for their benefits, such as red vine, horse chestnut, gilbardeira and witch hazel, and is also a formula supplemented with vitamin C and rutin.

Red Vine

Contains anthocyanosides and procyanidins with venotonic and vasoprotective properties. It is used to solve various venous problems, especially in the lower limbs, reducing the feeling of heavy and tired legs.

Horse chestnut

It has anti-edematous properties and ensures the maintenance of the capillary endothelium and adjacent tissues. Furthermore, it has an important effect on venous tone. This is indicated in situations of chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids and varicose veins, as well as the feeling of heavy and swollen legs.


It has anti-inflammatory action and is used in chronic venous insufficiency, to relieve symptoms associated with this condition, such as pain, heaviness, itching and swelling in the legs, and also to relieve hemorrhoidal symptoms.

Vitamin C

It has anti-inflammatory action and is used in venous insufficiency . Vitamin C is a vitamin known for its varied properties for the body and, as such, it has an important function, as it contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of blood vessels and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. , symptoms often associated with venous circulation problems.

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