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Urisidil® AMPOULES

Urisidil® AMPOULES

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Urisidil® Ampoules is a food supplement in ampoules that contains traditionally used plants such as blueberries, bearberry, horsetail, heather, nettle, birch and also a high content of vitamin B6.


Bearberry leaves have compounds with antimicrobial, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties useful in urinary tract disorders. Its leaves are traditionally used for urinary tract disorders essentially due to the presence of a compound called arbutoside or arbutin, which is responsible for its antimicrobial action. The plant can be used for short-term prevention or at the first signs of a urinary tract infection.

Heather and Birch

Heather has an antiseptic action and also a diuretic action . Birch contains a high level of flavonoids and mineral salts, which together also have a diuretic action. The presence of methyl salicylate in its essential oil gives birch anti-inflammatory properties.


Shrub well known for its edible berries, with a characteristically blue hue, native to Europe and North America. Traditionally, it is known for its varied properties, especially its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, which are very important in the treatment of urinary tract infections.

  • 20 ampoules
  • In uncomfortable situations ( UTI symptoms): Take 1 ampoule twice a day (breakfast and dinner). To prevent relapses: Take 1 ampoule with breakfast.
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