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Reumadol® Extra Forte is a food supplement in drinkable ampoules with a complete formula aimed at the well-being of bones and cartilage. Reumadol® Extra Forte presents in its formulation a complex of glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin, ul - mary, hyaluronic acid and also a high content of vitamin C and manganese. Thanks to its specialized formula, it provides greater freedom of movement.


Stimulates the formation and regeneration of cartilage, as it is associated with the formation of the main constituents of the matrix. Glucosamine inhibits the enzymes that destroy cartilage and also has an important anti-inflammatory action.


It is a glucosaminoglycan found naturally in our body, responsible for stimulating the formation and regeneration of cartilage, as it is responsible for the synthesis of proteoglycans and collagen. This substance has a synergistic action with glucosamine, inhibits the destruction of cartilage and has a strong anti-inflammatory action.


Ulmaria is a plant native to Europe, used for many years for rheumatic diseases. Due to the presence of salicylates, melon flowers have important analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which promote pain relief.

  • 30 ampoules
  • Take 1 ampoule per day, preferably after a meal.
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