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Lucidus® WOMAN

Lucidus® WOMAN

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Lucidus® Woman is a food supplement with a complete and specialized formula with Bacopa monnieri, soy lecithin, rhodiola, passionflower, dong quai and centella asiatica, and also with a high content of B vitamins and amino acids. The Lucidus® Woman formula was specially developed to meet the needs of active women, whose daily lives are marked by intense physical and intellectual activity.


Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen agent with the ability to normalize the body's functions and protect it against a series of environmental factors and emotional conditions. It is used for its stimulating action on the nervous system, relieving depression, improving physical performance, improving sleep and reducing fatigue.


Its traditional uses have been confirmed, being used to treat agitation of nervous origin and in cases of anxiety, restlessness, irritability and difficulty sleeping.


It is a plant used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries , it is also known as “Brahmi” or “intelligent plant”. Several studies have proven its positive effect in reinforcing the transmission of nerve impulses, improving concentration, memory and learning capacity.

Dong Quai

Plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for various conditions, including female hormonal disorders, such as Premenstrual Syndrome and menopause. It is thought that its actions in terms of female disorders are associated with the fact that it presents compounds similar to estrogens, but with a lower degree of activity.

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