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Florame Wild Verbena Essential Oil 10ml

Florame Wild Verbena Essential Oil 10ml

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Litsea Cubeba

Culture: Wild
Family: Lauracées
Biochemical Profile : Géranial, Limonène, Néral Extracted part : Leaves, steam distillate

In the highlands of Yunnan province in China, a legend whispers that the scent of vervain attracts angels. Verbena essential oil has calming and purifying properties. Its lemon fragrance seduces many fans and is the essential oil of excellence for relaxation.

Therapeutic effects
Soothing, sedative, anti-inflammatory

Used in an electric diffuser, this aroma provides feelings of well-being and a festive atmosphere. It can be used as a diffuser in offices and public spaces. Its aroma is comforting and reduces stress.

Corrosive. Do not ingest. Do not use in pregnant women

Notes: The instructions given here are for educational purposes only and do not require consultation with an aromatherapist.

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