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Florame Organic Mint Essential Oil 10ml

Florame Organic Mint Essential Oil 10ml

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Cupressus Sempervirens

Culture: Biological
Family: Cupressacees
Biochemical Profile : D-3-carène, a-pinene, ß-caryophyllène Extracted part : Pine needles, steam distillate Origin : North Africa

Sempervirens means "evergreen". Its intense aroma provides a feeling of instant strength. In China it is considered a symbol of immortality. Cypress essential oil is appreciated for its toning and calming properties. It also has an excellent massage effect on the legs, to combat the feeling of heavy and tired legs due to its stimulating and detoxifying action.

Therapeutic effects
Decongestant, stimulates the veins, anti-spasmodic.

The essential oil indispensable in the treatment of varicose veins, poor circulation, hemorrhoids, facial flushing. Effective in the treatment of bronchial cough and whooping cough.

Do not ingest. Do not use on pregnant women.

Note: the instructions given here are for educational purposes only and do not require consultation with an aromatherapist.

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