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Florame Organic Marjoram Essential Oil 5ml

Florame Organic Marjoram Essential Oil 5ml

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Origanum Majorana

Culture: Biological
Family: Lamiacées
Biochemical Profile : Terpinène-4-ol, Y-terpinène, a-terpinène Extracted part : Top flower, steam distillate
Origin: North Africa

The white flowers shaped like small shells gave this fragrant plant its name. Marjoram has an intense sweet and spicy fragrance. It was used by Louis XIV to alleviate his dental problems. Marjoram essential oil has disinfectant power, a calming and rebalancing action.

Therapeutic effects
Powerful tonic of the parasympathetic nervous system, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant.

Very positive effect on anxiety, insomnia, stiffness caused by fear. Use in massage for muscular rheumatism and arthritis. Stimulates the defenses of the respiratory system, bronchitis, nose, throat and sinus infections.

There are no contraindications when used in normal doses.

Note: the instructions given here are for educational purposes only and do not require consultation with an aromatherapist.

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