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Colepathic® FORTE

Colepathic® FORTE

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Colepatia® Forte is a food supplement that contains in its composition several extracts from plants traditionally used for their properties, such as medulla, rockbreaker, sandwort, rosemary, boldo, horsetail and lemon balm. This composition, together with grass and nopal, helps with more complicated digestions and contributes to the functioning of the liver and gallbladder, thus helping with meals rich in sugars and fats. It also has diuretic properties.


It is rich in salicylates, which means it has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. It also facilitates kidney function, due to its diuretic action.

stone breaker

Due to its diuretic properties, it has been used in urinary tract disorders, being useful in the case of kidney lithiasis. It also helps to alleviate liver disorders.


It is a plant with diuretic action, used to treat urinary tract disorders such as: cystitis, dysuria and kidney stones.


The grass is recognized for its benefits for digestive problems, especially gallstones.


Plant with flowers of varying colors depending on the climate, it has an effect on controlling the absorption of fats and sugars and also on the normal functioning of the liver.

  • 30 ampoules of 10 ml
  • Take 1 ampoule at breakfast and 1 ampoule at dinner. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 2 ampoules at breakfast and 2 ampoules at dinner. You can dissolve the contents in a glass of water. Shake before taking.
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