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Biobalance® TENSIO

Biobalance® TENSIO

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Biobalance® Tensio is a food supplement developed with cardiovascular health in mind, being an excellent ally in controlling high blood pressure. With a formula rich in maritime pine, hawthorn, juniper, hibiscus, pomegranate and also a high content of B vitamins and vitamin C.

Maritime Pine

Maritime pine extract promotes an improvement in blood circulation, through increased vasodilation. Several studies demonstrate that taking maritime pine extract is associated with a reduction in blood pressure (1,2) .

Espinheiro Alvar

It has been shown to reduce blood pressure when compared to a placebo. The proanthocyanidins present act at the level of peripheral vasodilation and induce relaxation of the endothelium, which requires less cardiac effort to pump blood to the organs and tissues (3,4) .


Several clinical trials have demonstrated that taking hibiscus is effective in reducing blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure (5,6) .


It has strong antioxidant power.
This extract is also associated with reduced blood pressure and improved myocardial perfusion (7,8) .

  • 60 tablets
  • 1 tablet after breakfast and another after dinner.
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