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imu-tonic - 250ml

imu-tonic - 250ml

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Plant complex designed to support any respiratory pathology.

Imu-tonic supports the immune system in cases of viral and bacterial infections in the respiratory tract.

Imu-tonic is essential for chronic respiratory pathologies, as well as in acute cases. It also has a preventive nature, such as during changes of season or to support the correct function of the immune system.

Supports the process:

- Antiviral
- Antibacterial
- Anti-inflammatory

- Immunostimulating

Support in cases:
- Allergies. Sinusitis, Rhinitis

- Asthma

- Flu, Cold

- Low immune system

- Mild to severe respiratory infection, pneumonia

- Chronic or acute cough (with or without secretions)

- Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis

- Low white blood cells

With a wide range of plants that tone the immune system, such as echinacea, elderberry and thyme.

Imu-tonic is an excellent ally in Autumn, Winter and Spring. Grades:
Do not take if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

250ml bottle.

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